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The album is completed, it took a lot of time but the effort on it, it’s what it matters!

Be part of the beginning of a new dawn on the land of the peace, true magic, and illusion, we all love, called gensokyo


1. あなたの魂の目~ Irish princess
2. 信仰が存在しません ~ Faith doesn’t exist
3. 欲求ドライブ ~ Desire drive
4. 天空のグリニッジ ~ Greenwich in the sky
5. 彼女はスレイヤー数え切れないほどでした ~ She was a slayer countless times
6. チルノ、私のマスター ~ Cirno, My Master
7. 歴史が書かれていません ~ The history isn’t written
8. あなたの魂の目 ~ The eye in your soul
9. 核の火 ~ Atomic Fire


I want to thank to psl1, who put a lot of her drawing the cover, and lktz who worked on the design of the cover, thanks to Jordan7792 to have collab with this album, thanks to all who gave me their unconditional help, and of course thanks to you!


One Comment

  1. overall: quite good.
    keep improving!

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